We adore the amazing Speech-Language Pathologists at ChatterboxNYC SLP!  My apraxic son started working Julie, Jackie, and Tricia at 18-months, when he didn't have any words.  Within a few months of PROMPT therapy, they had him on the road to speech. The SLPs at ChatterboxNYC SLP were always his biggest cheerleaders.  Their patience and love never wavered, even when my son was frustrated.  We are so grateful to have worked with all of these dedicated women!
-Parents of 6-year-old
We were so fortunate to find Jackie, Julie and Tricia.  Our daughter has worked with each of these skilled therapists to overcome severe apraxia.  They care, they are the best at what they do, and they are fun and engaging. My daughter runs up the stairs with excitement to her sessions!  All of their hard work has had amazing results.  We have worked with a wide range of therapists and this practice is the one we have stayed with and highly recommend.
-Mom of 6-year-old
Our son was almost 2-years-old when he first saw Jackie and Julie. He had no words and was very quiet. Jackie and Julie put together a thoughtful plan, and with practice, dedication, love, and encouragement, they taught our son how to talk. He was able to overcome his speech apraxia, and is now a very happy and communicative 4-year-old boy. Jonathan has always been thrilled to go play with Jackie and Julie, and it is obvious how much he loves them both. They are incredible therapists, who are always happy to address our questions, concerns, and explain to us what to practice at home. We cannot overstate the roles Jackie and Julie have played in our son’s development.
-Mom of 4-year-old
My husband and I were very concerned about our daughter’s lack of speech. Sarah’s pediatrician had concerns as well. We tried other speech therapists for Sarah, with little to no success, as they couldn't hold her attention or get her to use any sounds or words. Then we were referred to ChatterboxNYC SLP and began working with Julie. From the very first session, we saw significant improvements, and best of all, Sarah loved Julie and her enthusiasm. The PROMPT method practiced by Julie and her team is an extremely effective, hands-on approach as it clearly demonstrates to children how to position their mouth to make certain sounds. Sarah speaks volumes now, we are thrilled, and very grateful to Julie and her team! I think the world of this practice.
-Mom of 3-year-old
My son, Ari, started working with Tricia Brown when he was just shy of turning 2 and literally could not speak a meaningful word. At the time, he had about 3 sounds in his vocabulary. Tricia diagnosed Ari with Apraxia and dedicated herself to getting him to learn how to make the differing sounds his brain thinks it's making. Ari absolutely loves Tricia and is so motivated to work hard and please her. Seven months later, Ari is still missing many sounds but can say so many words and uses tons of word approximations, to the point that he's actually putting together 3-, 4-, and 5-words to communicate his needs. Just the other night at 4am he woke up crying and when I came in he said, “Mommy sleeping, daddy sleeping, Ari wake up!!”.  I cannot say enough nice things about Tricia and the rest of her group. They have had the most profound effect on our family's life. THANK YOU, TRICIA!
-Mom of 2-year-old
Jackie is a shining star--she is a spectacular speech professional with a seemingly endless supply of energy, enthusiasm and smiles. Jackie works together with my daughter's school and other therapists to ensure that everyone shares short and long-term goals as well as successful strategies. What has been truly wonderful is how Jackie has managed to have my daughter work on various fine motor activities that her OT proposed all while she was working on improving my daughter's speech. Jackie is a true gift to kids facing speech challenges.
-Mom of 5-year-old
There are no words that give Julie and her team enough gratitude for changing our little girl’s path in life. We will be eternally grateful for the past two years of speech and language therapy. As a family with a daughter of dyslexia, we know how important early intervention is. We are not new to the speech world and I can say our daughter made so much progress in the two years of seeing Julie and her team. As we move to another state we will always be so thankful for all of their hard work, suggestions and always going above and beyond for our daughter. Thank you!
-Mom of 4-year-old
When my son started seeing Tricia, he had few words and his speech was unintelligible. He was an angry, aggressive and frustrated kid because no one could understand what he was trying to say. In a short period with Tricia, my son’s language development has grown leaps and bounds! Not only can I now understand what he is saying, his beautiful personality has finally been able to shine through as he is no longer so frustrated. He is a happy kid! Tricia has an amazing way with children, and my son looks forward to spending his time with her every week.
-Mom of 4-year-old
Jackie is a skilled and gifted speech teacher. My son immediately took to her; she's warm, funny and really, really likes kids. As he has gotten older, Jackie and the other speech therapists at ChatterboxNYC SLP have worked together to help my son with so much more than improving his speech. When they lead joint sessions the kids are able to work on social and interpersonal skills too. My son adores Jackie and we are grateful for everything she has taught him.
-Mom of 7-year-old
My daughter, who has just turned four, has just completed 4 months speech therapy sessions with Julie Silberman and I am very happy with the outcome. It was great to see Chloe have so much fun at the sessions at the same time as being challenged to work hard on her speech goals. She looked forward to her ‘Julie days’ and loved playing a new game each time. I felt that I was fully informed and part of the process all the way through which meant that I could continue working with Chloe on her goals at home. I valued the realistic discussions that we could have about the aims of therapy, her progress and how long she should continue for. Julie listened and responded to my questions and concerns throughout.
-Mom of a 4-year old
I am a twelve year old boy named Leo who was born with a neurological speech disorder called apraxia. Now –after many years of hard speech therapy- I can speak at an exceptional level of speech for my age. Apraxia is like having a stroke in your mouth, and for me it brought along hypernasality which made me mainly speak through my nose. My speech was hard for my whole family because my dad didn’t understand me well, so he needed my sister Goldie and my mom to help him understand me. I went to the prompt institute for five days a week until I was five years old. I have had at least twelve speech teachers in my life, but the speech teacher that was best for me was Jackie. I met Jackie when I was one and worked with her until I was in 4th grade. Jackie transformed me in about ten years from someone that didn’t know how to speak to someone that now speaks very good English. For all that Jackie did for me, I am so grateful. Without all the hard work I put in with Jackie, my speech right now would be sloppy and embarrassing. Every Wednesday that I have been able to go since 5th grade, I have gone to Jackie’s office on 72nd street to be a speech tutor for her current students. Jackie does her speech class while I help her and the kids. She thinks it’s good for the boys because they look up to me and the girls because they like me. I also am able to provide help to them and feel my speech is still improving. An amazing aspect is watching and helping kids with disabilities like autism and being able to learn all about them. I remember I used to do speech therapy with my best friend who also had a speech impediment. Having a friend in a similar circumstance made me more comfortable. Having a challenge that I had to overcome gives me the strength and confidence to know I can persevere.
-Leo, 12
Our daughter has already improved so much. She's really blossomed over the past year and a half, and much of that is thanks to the hard work from Anna & Erica.
-Parents of 3-year-old
We want to thank Sara N. from the bottom of our hearts for her dedication and hard work - it has made a difference. Our daughter has grown leaps and bounds in her speech progress!
-Parents of 5-year-old